IMG Energy Solutions addresses the evolving needs of our business partners for reliable, innovative and environmentally-conscious energy solutions that bridge the gap to a carbon neutral energy future.

Formed in 2011 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, IMG’s focus is to offer a distributed portfolio of highly efficient, reliable, gas-fired power generation assets that benefit from the abundance of locally sourced, clean natural gas, coupled with renewable generation where practicable.  


Our portfolio is strategically located on distribution level transmission and provides quick-start, reliable, active load following power that firms renewable intermittency and provides peak power demand response.  As the owner/operator of this portfolio of energy assets, IMG generates strong owner returns through a combination of wholesale energy margins, capacity payments and ancillary services that benefit the PJM ISO.

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In late 2019, we kicked-off our first mixed technology project in partnership with Peoples Gas, coupling our standard design 20MW plant with a 3.5MW solar array for the end benefit of the Pittsburgh International Airport.  We are an energy solutions company.   Our re-branding of IMG Midstream to IMG Energy Solutions was made in parallel to our active expansion into serving customers with their behind-the-meter energy needs.  IMG services its customers by providing fully integrated capabilities across development, construction management, operations and maintenance, financing, and commercial asset management.  Our unique attribute is that we do not just say we act like an owner; we say it with conviction because we are an owner.

IMG leverages our team talent, processes and experience to provide unparalleled third-party services across our portfolio of capabilities.  We look forward to helping you, our future and current customers, solve your energy needs.

CLICK HERE to watch video and hear from Mike Brady, CEO, on how IMG is safely and efficiently utilizing natural gas supplied in the region by making small, low impact, 20-megawatt power plants to supply rural Pennsylvania with clean burning energy.

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At IMG Energy Solutions, we deliver:

  • Reliable on-site energy solutions that support critical infrastructures

  • Flexible, "near-instant" wholesale power for our local PJM market areas

  • Customer partnerships that support their plant operations safely and cost-effectively through our energy services and consulting

  • Safe and environmentally-friendly solutions



  • Over 30 ISA queue positions

  • 8 executed IA's

  • No contested land development or zoning approvals


  • Over 20 air permits

  • 11 sites fully permitted

  • No appealed permits or NOVs


  • 6 RICE plants

  • 1 solar array

  • 8 gas interconnections

  • Over 125 MW of installed capacity

  • Over 2 miles of gas pipelines


  • Over 840,000 MWH generated 

  • Best-in-class availability

  • Zero lost time accidents or OSHA violations



  • PJM market certified

  • Commodity market operations and optimization 

  • Financial risk management and hedging

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